LEVIL - BOM (Broadcasting Outer Module) - With ADS-B


Levil BOM Universal Strut Mount

Levil BOM Universal Strut Mount

LEVIL - BOM (Broadcasting Outer Module) - With ADS-B

The BOM (Broadcasting Outer Module) is the first and only aerodynamic pod that mounts under the wing of the aircraft.

Understand NORSEE
LAA magazine review of the product
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What makes the BOM special?

ADS-B Receiver
Free in-flight Weather and Traffic Air-to-air traffic from ADS-B out equipped aircraft. Ground to air rebroadcast of traffic (USA Only).
Power Efficient Design Maximizes reception while maintaining low power consumption, thus reducing operating temperatures and increasing battery life. No overheating concerns.
Outstanding Sensitivity No need for remote antennas! Captures weather and traffic information even where the competition simply won't reach.

High performance AHRS (Attitude and Heading Reference Systems) and solid-state technology.
No-drift technology the iLevil series are meticulously calibrated for optimal performance and even during aerobatics.
No-lag, No-tumble the AHRS data refreshed at 14 frames per second, the max rate of turn is 500 deg/sec and attitude is completely independent of GPS
Pressure Data Available when connecting the iLevil AW

Integrated WAAS GPS and antenna to allow navigation using your favorite App. The BOM's reliable GPS signal eliminates GPS dropouts resulting from using other GPS devices

AoA (Angle of Attack)
The AoA, is one of the most critical instruments for safety recovery and situational awareness, highly endorsed by Aviation Associations across the world. Installation of traditional AoA systems require extensive work and aircraft modifications. The BOM is the first solution to incorporate wireless AOA information based on the latest pressure sensing technology to give you immediate, and accurate stall warnings and feedback.

Automatically powered on/off with the vibration of the engine
The BOM turns on automatically with the vibration of the engine or by simply tapping it or shacking it. Also turn off after not receiving any commands for a certain amount of time or simply by putting the red protective case that has a magnetic switch.

Heated Pitot Static for true airspeed
AHRS (Attitude and Heading Reference Systems)
Every BOM comes standard with a heated nose that collects true air and pressure data.

SD Card (Data Recording Capabilities)
The BOM features the ability to record data and save all your flight parameters. This information can be saved in multiples formats such as .FDR, .GPX, .CSV. Using these three formats data can be used to recreate a flight on flight simulator programs or applications, such as Google Earth, CloudAhoy, Excel etc.

Self-powered and self-charging system
With it's high quality turbine and incredible design, the BOM is able to self-charge once the aircraft pick up some speed. It only takes 60 knots to recharge the internal battery.

Small and Light weight
The BOMs is a small and convenient sized device of 10" x 3.7" x 1.8" and a total weight of 1 lbs. This aerodynamic design only produces 0.6 knots at 200 knots.

Wireless Platform offering iOS/Android compatibility
The BOM acts a router under your wing sending all the data to the mobile device or tablet wirelessly. It displays to our AHRS Utility app or your compatible app of choice. Capable of displaying up to 5 devices

Levil Aviation is excited to announce the BOM (Broadcasting Outer Module). This revolutionary avionics solution allows you to have a complete instrument panel without putting a single wire! The BOM is the first and only aerodynamic pod that mounts under the wing of the aircraft and uses wind to power itself. All components are incorporated into the BOM such as AHRS, GPS, ADS-B in, AoA, Data Recording and pressure sensors, making it fully independent, wireless and the perfect platform for innovation, setting the stage for the future of aviation. Now NORSEE Approved for type-certificate aircraft .

Let the cluttered-cockpit days be over
Eliminate portable devices altogether and antennas on the dashboard that obstruct the pilots view, augmenting your flight experience and comfort.

Built in systems:
- Angle of Attack indicator
- Secondary source of pitot data
- Aviation grade AHRS technology
- WAAS GPS for all your navigation needs

Go anywhere at Any time
Built-in Wi-Fi interface. Choose from a long list of compatible Apps available worldwide and take advantage of the most user-friendly flight planning and navigation tools today.

Power for Life
Charging devices at home before you fly (or forgetting to do so) is a thing of the past. The BOM powers itself with the wind and keeps your batteries charged.

Don’t let the weather change your plans
Get the ability to have a real time weather and traffic with an optimal high-quality ADS-B receiver.

No Ice, No problem
Fly everywhere you want even with icy conditions. The BOM’s incredible design and heated pitot-static system is suitable for any condition from a nice-smooth day to icy weather. Doesn’t Matter where you are, you will always have true air data and true attitude indicator as well as Angle of Attack.

Good moments are worth sharing
All flights are stored inside an SD card which you can access anytime to replay, review, analyze and share. Recording features are also useful for flight schools and maintenance shops to keep track of the health of your aircraft.

Fly Smarter
The BOM senses the state of the engine using vibration sensors and wakes up even before you are ready to taxi.

What’s in the box?
Wireless Broadcasting Outer Module unit
USB to mini USB cable
ADS-B Antenna
Mounting Brackets
Protector case with magnetic switch
Remove Before Flight flag
NORSEE papers
Micro SD card · Bracket screws

AHRS Utility App
The AHRS Utility is a free-of-subscription application designed as a visual aid when troubleshooting and adjusting your levil devices. The app is available to download for free in the app store for iOS devices.

NORSEE Approved
NORSEE is a production approval that allows Levil Aviation to legally sell units for installation on certified aircrafts. Installation approval is given by a mechanic under 14 CFR 1.1 / 14 CFR 43 Appendix A definition of a Minor Alteration. If the mechanic deems the installation of the NORSEE device as minor, then the device can be installed with a simple log book entry. If the mechanic feels that the installation is considered major, then a field approval will be needed for installation.

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