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Paper airplane MIG-29


WHITE paper sheet template

COLOR paper sheet template

PDF Cutting and folding Instruction

Cutting and folding WEB Instruction for paper airplane MIG-29

  • Print on both sides of A4 paper (duplex print) printing template what you can download from the links above
  • Prepare the necessary tools for cutting and bending
  • Cut the airplane from the printed template along the outer solid lines according to the instructions with the pictures
  • Fold dashed lines on the paper according to the instructions with the pictures


We hope that you will enjoy the game by making a squadron of paper airplanes that looks very much like the MIG-29 aircraft.


Pay attention to the aerodynamics, because when everything is set up well, the plane flies very nice and smooth.


For all small and big aviators, Pilot Shop Serbia prepared and drawn this paper airplane, because since very beginning everything in aviation start at the paper.