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On a flight from Zurich to Boston in 1978, Dr. Amar Bose formulated the basic concept and technology for a headset that could reproduce speech and music clearly - and simultaneously reduce unwanted cabin noise. His mathematical analysis was the foundation for a breakthrough, and began Bose’s relentless pursuit for a better headphone. 

1986, a commercial prototype was successfully tested on the Voyager, a privately sponsored, non-stop around-the-world flight. In 1989, the first commercially available active noise reduction headset was introduced by Bose - an aviation headset designed for communication in light aircraft and helicopters. Bose has provided high performance communication headsets for pilots for almost 30 years. Our products are recognized for their high quality and reliability as well as for the comfort, clear communication and noise cancellation they provide.

The Bose A20 Aviation Headset, around-ear configuration for higher noise environments, is designed for general civilian and military aircraft.

Now there's a Bose aviation headset…that's just your type.

A20 TrustmarkThe A20® Aviation Headset comes in several configurations, allowing you to adapt it to your preferences and aircraft. Each headset comes complete with customizable audio prioritization control, a high-performance microphone that can be connected to either the left or right earcup, and an optional Bluetooth® audio and communications interface. Every A20® headset is easy to use and designed for intuitive operation. In-box accessories include two AA batteries, a male-to-male 3.5mm aux-in adapter cable and a carrying case.

Because of the modular nature of the A20® Aviation Headset, different cable configurations may be purchased separately and added easily with no need for adapter plugs. A coil cord down-cable is also available in U-174, dual G/A and other popular configurations.

FAA Technical Standards Order (TSO) Bose® A20® Aviation Headset, its interface, cables and electret boom microphone are certified to the Federal Aviation Administration’s Technical Standard Order number TSO-C139, and EASA ETSO-C139.

The headset system has been designed to function per headset performance requirements described in RTCA/DO-214 and to withstand exposure to the environmental conditions described within RTCA/DO-160F, as well as several other environmental tests, including those for humidity, salt spray, temperature cycle and shock. This enables long life and durability in the real world.

Commercial Airline Pilot and Flight Instructor appreciation program

Commercial Airline Pilot and Flight Instructor appreciation program.

We appreciate your interest in the Bose A20 Aviation Headset and the Commercial Airline Pilot and Flight Instructor appreciation program. The program’s intent is to thank you for purchasing the Bose A20 Aviation Headset and your service and commitment to the aviation community. We hope you enjoy the A20’s unmatched combination of acclaimed noise reduction, comfortable fit and clear audio, along with some of the features like streaming audio for use with a variety of flight data apps or to listen to music.

In order to qualify for the Bose Commercial Airline Pilot and Flight Instructor appreciation program you need to be an active commercial pilot with an airline that holds an AOC, or an active flight instructor with FI rating. Please complete the form below before purchasing the Bose A20 Aviation Headset from one of our official authorized Aviation Contract sales partners in the EMEA & India region, and upload scan copies of the following documents:

  • For commercial airline pilots: A complete copy (all pages) of your ATPL/CPL and a current copy of your airline ID.
  • For flight instructors: A complete copy (all pages) of your ATPL/CPL/PPL indicating Flight Instructor (FI) rating and a copy of a recent logbook page (not older than 6 months).

Upon receipt of above information we will contact you within 5 working days to confirm eligibility for the EUR 100,- (incl. VAT) appreciation program rebate towards the purchase of a new Bose A20 Aviation Headset from any official authorized Bose Aviation Contract sales partner in the EMEA & India region.

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