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Quality Policy

The main activity of Grappolo Aviation Supply Co. Ltd. is trade in aircraft equipment, parts, tools and lubricants in the field of civil and military aviation and air defense, as well as organization of service, repair and overhaul of aircraft equipment.

Customer focus in all business segments and success-oriented thinking are at the heart of our work and survival in the marketplace. Accordingly, in order to constantly develop, expand our business and maintain a long-standing market position, as well as a recognizable brand that is associated with product and service quality, kindness and professionalism of employees, we decided to establish an efficient and effective quality management system.

Our business is based on the following principles:
• The quality of our work is determined by the client. Quality for us means understanding the clients needs and exceeding their expectations;
• Our e-commerce, customer service and dispatch system are the best in the business, and ensure that our customers will receive the highest quality and most reliable service;
• Involving employees in business flows and developing awareness of each employee about the importance of the work he does and the way he contributes to the development of the company, as well as continuous work to improve interpersonal relationships and create a better working atmosphere;
• Improving the company's operations through clear identification of business processes, compliance with adopted rules of work and efficient application of procedures at all levels within the company and with a clear limit of individual responsibility;
• Identification and assessment of risks to the company's operations, as a proactive action on identified risks;
• Monitoring, application and enforcement of all relevant regulations and harmonization of operations with them;
• Achieving and developing good partnerships with important factors of the economic, social environment and all stakeholders through mutual exchange of knowledge and experiences;
All employees in the company will consistently apply the policy of quality management system.

Nemanja Paunić

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